Pregnancy Program ― Bright Start®

Bright Start

Bright Start is a special program for our pregnant Participants.

When you join Bright Start, a Care Manager will call you and work with you to help you receive and use program services. If your pregnancy is high-risk, a team of nurses and Care Connectors will check in with you often to help you stay connected to care during your pregnancy.

Call 1-877-364-6797 (TTY 711) or visit the Participant portal today to join

What can the Bright Start program do for me?

  • Get help signing up for childbirth and other health information classes.
  • Get help choosing a doctor who is right for you.
  • Get information on prenatal vitamins and eating right during your pregnancy.
  • Work with your doctor and dentist to make sure you get the care you need. Having healthy teeth and gums is very important during pregnancy.
  • Get information and resources to help you have a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Join Bright Start today

To join Bright Start, please call 1-877-364-6797 (TTY 711).

Or, you can Log in to the Participant portal and go to Enroll in a Special Program.


If you were a part of but no longer want to be in Bright Start, call 1-877-364-6797 (TTY 711). Leaving the program will not change your benefits. It will also not change the way AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania Community HealthChoices or the Department of Human Services treats you.